Nffa Datashare

NFFA implemented NFFA Datashare, a file share and collaboration platform hosted in a local server at CNR-IOM, under its custody. This instrument offers NFFA-Trieste users a secure mean of data storage and retrieval, easy accessible from every device with NFFA credentials, and gives the possibility to access and process scientific data, collaborating in real time with other team members.

NFFA follows good practices to retain files of all the research data produced. The user has the ultimate control on his/her data and can access it or take it out at any time.


The map of techniques

at MM building at Q2 building at Elettra experimental hall at CNR-IOM cloud at Fermi-T-Rex laboratory Surface & Nano Science Lab, STM/STS PLD XPS & ambient pressure XAS ARPES & Spin ARPES MOKE & Masked deposition system XPS MBE Oxides SPRINT laboratory SEM XRD PVD data repository open data data analysis
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Scientists in charge