The LABstar Glove Box Workstation is located at APE-HE beamline and it is dedicated to NFFA users.
The box works in a N2 6.0 atmosphere at a pressure of 1bar. An activated carbon filter maintains the atmosphere clean, making the glovebox perfectly suitable for storing and treating air sensitive samples. The levels of O2 and H2O are always below 0.5 ppm.
There are two antechambers for introducing samples and instruments inside the box. The small antechamber is 150x400 mm while the big antechamber is 390x900 mm.

A vacuum suitcase can be connected by a KF valve on the bottom part of the glovebox to insert and remove very sensitive samples. This vacuum suitcase with the sample ready to be measured can be connected to SPRINT end station or APE beamline.

Inside the box there is a HQ Graphene 2D transfer system dedicated to the fabrication of high quality 2D heterostructures. It contains an optical microscope with long working distance objectives (5x, 20x, 50x). The high resolution optical microscope is equipped with CCD camera, mechanical stage and a vacuum chuck, which can be heated up to 200°C.

HQ Graphene 2D transfer system

HQ Graphene 2D transfer system


Technical specifications

Number of gloves 3
Guaranteed condition H2O <0.5ppm O2 <0.5ppm
Atmosphere N2 6.0
Pressure 1 bar
Small antechamber diameter Ø150mm
Main antechamber diameter Ø 390mm

The map of techniques

at MM building at Q2 building at Elettra experimental hall at CNR-IOM cloud at Fermi-T-Rex laboratory Surface & Nano Science Lab, STM/STS PLD XPS & ambient pressure XAS ARPES & Spin ARPES MOKE & Masked deposition system XPS MBE Oxides SPRINT laboratory SEM XRD PVD data repository open data data analysis
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