On November 21st 2015, the first USER project within the NFFA-Trieste demonstrator has been successfully completed.

Dr. Carmela Aruta (CNR-SPIN) and Dr. Nan Yang (UniCusano) did propose a multi-facility experiment on rare-earth ions doped CeO2 catalytic active thin films. The project has involved the growth of thin films by Pulsed Laser Deposition, their structural/chemical characterization by X-ray diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscope/Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy and a detailed electronic characterization by X-ray Photo-emission Spectroscopy, Resonant Photo-emission Spectroscopy and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy. Dr. Aruta and Dr. Yang have successfully performed XPS and XAS experiments at APE High-Energy end station on both in-situ transferred Ceria samples (grown by the PLD station UHV-connected to APE beamline) as well as on ex-situ as-grown and treated samples.

 The first users

The first user experiments