As an exceptional research effort is needed on SARS-CoV-2 and on COVID-19, NFFA-Europe offers the opportunity of submitting COVID-track proposals. Researchers from all over the world have the possibility to require Remote Transnational Access to NFFA-Europe facilities for any directly relevant research that may need nanoscience resources.


NFFA-Trieste Open Access activities are suspended at this time, however Nanoscience Foundries & Fine Analysis vision aims to actively contribute to COVID-19 research.

NFFA-Trieste represents the Design Study of NFFA-Europe, a H2020 Integration project that provides open access to a Europe-wide Nanoscience infrastructure. Some of NFFA-Trieste scientific techniques are part of NFFA-Europe tools catalogue as CNR-IOM site: see the related section.

NFFA-Europe in these days offers the opportunity of submitting COVID-track proposals that will be assessed for feasibility and peer-evaluated one by one for Remote (Transnational) Access, with no need to physically reach the laboratories.
COVID-track proposals may require access to all facilities for nanofabrication and nanoscale analysis on materials, nano-delivery systems of vaccins, models or any directly relevant research that may need urgent access to NFFA-Europe resources.

For more information, visit NFFA-Europe website.

For a overview of all the facilities offering COVID-special access see ESFRI website.