POST-DOC POSITION IN In-situ/In operando Electron Microscopy @ CNR-IOM

Task: The successful candidate will work at the experimental activities concerning in operando characterization by transmission electron microscopy of different materials systems (e.g. catalysts, liquid/solid interfaces) in different environments (liquid, ambient pressure, etc...). In particular, the candidate will contribute to the development of a flow nanoreactor for low voltage STEM applications and combined experiments by using synchrotron radiation.

RESEARCH THEME: Operando characterization by electron microscopy and combined synchrotron spectroscopies of materials systems in different environments”


  • Degree and PhD in Physics, Chemistry or similar disciplines;
  • Proven experience in transmission electron microscopy
  • Good knowledge in the field of heterogeneous catalysis and surface reactivity
  • (Welcome but not compelling) Previous experience in in-situ electron microscopy of hard matter materials.

Call instruction soon available.

For more info please contact Dr. Regina Ciancio,