NFFA-Trieste is implementing a novel integrated Information and Data Repository Platform (IDRP) for the nanoscience community. The IDRP infrastructure is intended as an online data catalogue where users can access, share and publish long tail data, becoming a recommended part of the mainstream in nanoscience, also thanks to the integration of the emerging EUDAT service B2SHARE.

This repository aims at recording all relevant metadata for a given nanoscience project, including growth/nanofabrication protocols so that the reproducibility of preparations and experiments will enable to compare complementary data obtained with different methods on valid replica samples and controlled environment conditions. In the current test-phase the repository will provide an advanced service to store all data produced at NFFA-Trieste facilities. The generic service stack provides enough flexibility to support various scientific communities and user types in a modular and extensible way.

The agreement to the data management rules will be solicited but does not represent a condition of acceptance of the scientific proposal.

The map of techniques

at MM building at Q2 building at Elettra experimental hall at CNR-IOM cloud at Fermi-T-Rex laboratory Surface & Nano Science Lab, STM/STS PLD XPS & ambient pressure XAS ARPES & Spin ARPES MOKE & Masked deposition system XPS MBE Oxides SPRINT laboratory SEM XRD PVD data repository open data data analysis
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